• Fitotron® 模块化植物生长室,型号HGC
  • Fitotron® 模块化植物生长室,型号HGC
  • Fitotron® 模块化植物生长室,型号HGC



Leaf Expression Systems:

Weiss Technik UK and Valoya, leading provider of LED light for biotech and horticultural purposes have visited renowned scientists at Leaf Expression Systems to talk about the latest ground-breaking milestone in eradicating life-threatening diseases.  Research Plant Scientist Franziska Kellner talks about key factors in the production of proteins, metabolites and complex natural products for research and bio-medical applications using the highly efficient Hypertrans® technology


Fitotron® 模块化植物生长室,型号HGC

Fitotron® HGC系列植物生长室基于模块化设计,可根据需要添加或者更换单个模块,适应各种应用,适用于需要大量光照的植物,如小麦、玉米、棉花、大米和C4植物。

  • 3种试验室尺寸可选
  • 可使用触摸屏或者SCADA软件编程光周期
  • 生长面积为从0.7 m2 到 1.5 m2
  • 生长高度高达2.1m
  • 如需要温度模块可降至-10℃

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